K-ON : 3D vs 2D?

Mio with her 2D headset and 3D headse?
similarity APPROVED :D

but wait, there's more :33 ..

click the image to enlarge

Genius isn't it? Travel more and you'll get moar hints :3

Source : SanComp
[sry no link to the site...kids, stay out of the net mkay^^"]

hmm here's extra

enjoy yo Mio-fans especially |D ..



Boring , a.k.a the joy-killer...
Today, is the 7th day of a mid-term school holiday..yet nothing happened, just spending your days with your family, going out shopping, eat & sleep, do the daily routines... currently I'm just listening to songs on my winamp, jamming alone and singin' ..heh

This 6th of June, my eldest sister is going to get married... and inviting my friends to come over, believe it or not, this is the first time in 17 years I've ever invited a group of friends to come over ...worst, I invited guy-friends too D| ..they're annoying and couldn't stop bothering me..nevertheless, I think it's good, since I don't think all of us can meet up again like this next years..

I'm a loner kind of person, I don't talk much especially in public, I even hate crowded places..I've said my dislikes all over and over again, even me myself started to feel annoyed by it lawl +D..


Get a grip Reddy, make a change, people hate serious-people, you'll age fast.

-My mood depends on the atmosphere. There are times I can be serious and there I times I can be light. I forbid anyone who judge me liek that. And btw age is natural for everyone so you the one who's gonna get a f-king grip, mmmkay

I like the change Reddy, you're getting better

-What change? Everything is flat. Nothing goes better and nothing goes worst.

You're a genius

-Then that makes you the dumbass.

Reddy, please draw my face *puppy eyes*

Pay me.

I hate you

I love me


ChopChop 02

Aight, here's my second second and third bonjol-sigs.
I force myself to do it just to escape from pure boredom but freedomg is nowhere to be seen D': ..."Reddy" version

"RnR" version.

I have successfully collected/ripped/stole almost 100+ artworks from foreign[jap-korean] website galleries :33... all of them are "KYAA xD !" artworks , it's so cool I barely pick which one to chop :3

I might use them for future use :33

p/s : rip them if you want, if you use it on another forum I tag it as HARAM. :D

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