K-ON : 3D vs 2D?

Mio with her 2D headset and 3D headse?
similarity APPROVED :D

but wait, there's more :33 ..

click the image to enlarge

Genius isn't it? Travel more and you'll get moar hints :3

Source : SanComp
[sry no link to the site...kids, stay out of the net mkay^^"]

hmm here's extra

enjoy yo Mio-fans especially |D ..



Boring , a.k.a the joy-killer...
Today, is the 7th day of a mid-term school holiday..yet nothing happened, just spending your days with your family, going out shopping, eat & sleep, do the daily routines... currently I'm just listening to songs on my winamp, jamming alone and singin' ..heh

This 6th of June, my eldest sister is going to get married... and inviting my friends to come over, believe it or not, this is the first time in 17 years I've ever invited a group of friends to come over ...worst, I invited guy-friends too D| ..they're annoying and couldn't stop bothering me..nevertheless, I think it's good, since I don't think all of us can meet up again like this next years..

I'm a loner kind of person, I don't talk much especially in public, I even hate crowded places..I've said my dislikes all over and over again, even me myself started to feel annoyed by it lawl +D..


Get a grip Reddy, make a change, people hate serious-people, you'll age fast.

-My mood depends on the atmosphere. There are times I can be serious and there I times I can be light. I forbid anyone who judge me liek that. And btw age is natural for everyone so you the one who's gonna get a f-king grip, mmmkay

I like the change Reddy, you're getting better

-What change? Everything is flat. Nothing goes better and nothing goes worst.

You're a genius

-Then that makes you the dumbass.

Reddy, please draw my face *puppy eyes*

Pay me.

I hate you

I love me


ChopChop 02

Aight, here's my second second and third bonjol-sigs.
I force myself to do it just to escape from pure boredom but freedomg is nowhere to be seen D': ..."Reddy" version

"RnR" version.

I have successfully collected/ripped/stole almost 100+ artworks from foreign[jap-korean] website galleries :33... all of them are "KYAA xD !" artworks , it's so cool I barely pick which one to chop :3

I might use them for future use :33

p/s : rip them if you want, if you use it on another forum I tag it as HARAM. :D

ChopChop 01

My new own self-design signature, just the the char I rip off somewhere else :3 .. and the rest I do it myself for an hour only . The jap hiragana character ; "Jibun no sekai" 「じぶんおせかい」, means "My own world" in english. And "both worlds" means, the different side of me with 2 different personalities.
Note: Rusty[blue] , Reddy[red]

The reason why I pick that bluegrey-haired guy because it's cute |D .. I love anime characters in that outfit ..looks cool <33>[to me la] design lawl.

Photoshop skill stats :
design skill +3
creativity +2
ideas +5
LEVEL UP over 9000+!!!

jk...|D coming soon Reddy version

Reddy's : ScratchSketch 01

Some random art I made last night based on my own imagination lulz
Since my dad bought the new printer 3 in 1 I boost up to draw stuff so I can scan some artworks and well, make it as a collection :3 ...I called it Qawaii Collection :3 ...
It'll look ugly if you look at the bigger size, I tried to use pen but I didn't want to mess it up since I'm bad at using pens... |D

see the Chibi char? lawl the left one in nekomimi [cat ears] is my mascot |D ... I've been working out to design a mascot for myself in chibi-mode or super-deform xD
I'll show it next time since I only get the ideas at night and my mood is stable during that time ... :3 ..

ato de ne!

Reddy's : BELOW°

It was a cold, dark dawn, I felt so cold like as if it was going to burn my spines and chew my flesh. Cold feet cramped as it was like stepping on a thousand hot needles. As I was still lying on the bed, forgotten to switch off the air-conditioner that late night until, I took a glance at the cellphone clock showed it's half-past 6a.m. now. I started to wonder when did I switched off the lights, and how did I set the clock since I was fast-asleep with still light-opened that night when I just wanted to rest my eyes.

I couldn't recall anything that night. Perhaps the air-conditioner and the soothing air in my room was so comfortable that caused my body to function on it's own and also memory-loss.

This is why I have always thought that I have 2 souls living in me. And I even named our own nicks, Rusty and Reddy. Rusty means the dark-secluded-cold side of me, it only appears from time to time, I got this nick from an anime, and been using it for 5 years now. Meanwhile the main character in me, Reddy, the nickname wasn't my idea in the first place, the name was created when I was goofing around in a forum 3 years ago and me and few bunch of guys started to call each others by silly names, which was a very good moment that have made me almost forgotten that past.

However, this cold feeling is still haunting me and I don't know why everything became so difficult each day, I've been complaining about this in public but I can't help it since I don't have any else to do to let this all out. Even if I tried to say these it's not like someone is going to rescue me or something, but this is the only thing I can do to let it go.

Toradora PSP!?

It has been awhile now I haven't search for psp games after a long period that my bro took the psp with him to campus >.> ...
lol once I saw the title "Toradora PSP game" in FreePspGames site and I found it's cute >///> .. i-dont-know why~ it's in Jap though
but I had a bad feeling that this game needs a special requirements... psp crack is hard :'< ... well anyways I have to proceed with the gameplay , I only take a sneak peek at the screenshots and it seems like a very low-profile game |D ...i think, cuz I haven't try it yet...even if I try it I'll never get it D: ..

rip-off screenshots:
hey it's the baka-chihuaha :3

options options pick one option~

lawl bobble heads xD

well there's more screenshots in this website if you wanna see more of them..
there's a fighting scene in it, romance part..more importantly is the ecchi part for ero-fans >.>

anyways I have to try download it first, who knows if this one works I can download more games :D ..
huhu..free stuff is indeed illegal fun thing *psycho-laugh*

Touhou eh


I'm trying to find out what's the fuss with this manga and it turned out to be a mahou-shoujo[magical girls] , fantasy, magic genre..and loli lol.. which I found it's hard to accept.. lulz
I see it just to observe the artwork, that's my job ..yep, it's um..cute *nods*

but worry not, I have read it, cuz of boredom... the result, it's getting more boring |D ...no'ffense
perhaps my mood is not very pleasing things right now, reading manga on this early damp morning and late night sleep .... just because the breakfast this morning is very special [*cough*nasi beriani*cough*] and my bro's departure to KL at 9am .. |D ...comp's all mine for now banzai~

gotta read more manga to destroy time >D

p/s : no wonder..only lolicons are interested in this manga... double no'ffense xD

SOURCE : Mangafox.com

Damn KyoAni

ima hunt you down Haruhi, y'hear me?
I would love to write down my wish right now but if I do that, it would turned out to be a blasphemy thing to do.

well here's the new plague has fled, Haruhi's finally came back almost 2-3 years now she's gone missing, although I knew that a week ago after I found out that from a site, well..
it's not like I hated this anime, It has been my top 5 anime for this past 2 years, but the sudden appearance on a bad timing is...well sucked

the new anime from KyoAni was released like few months ago and everything turned out really well.. until ..The Interference of Suzumiya Haruhi [no offense mkay]
now that anime, referring to the K-on! anime, are pretty much bugged right now, it's a mess, I see they are too busy handling Haruhi, but come one, how many episodes are there in the new Haruhi? K-on! got 12 eps for god sake, can't they finish the anime first? D: ..

seems like more fans has moved out , and kinda sad someone actually said something like "Goodbye K-on!, Hello Haruhi!" ..oh f.ck you D:

everything is such a mess D: .. now the newest episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoshitsu [The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi] has been released, the eng-sub probably will be out tomorrow..

wait a min..are K-on! and Haruhi aired at the same day ? o.o

UVERworld : AwakEVE (Album)

1. Gekidou (AwakEVE ver.) (激動)
2. 99/100 Damashi no Tetsu (99/100騙しの哲)
3. Mikageishi (美影意志)
4. Corona (コロナ)
5. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi (儚くも永久のカナシ)
6. earthy world
7. Hissei Satsuki Prologue (畢生皐月プロローグ)
8. I Am Riri (アイ・アム Riri)
9. Koishikute (恋いしくて)
10. Forget
11. Just break the limit!
12. Waon (和音)
13. Harujion (2nd-MIX) (ハルジオン)

hey, posting dload links once in a while ain't that bad 'aite?

Anyway the one of my favourite top song in this album is 99/100 Damashi no Tetsu

Check it out

If you wanna find more Japanese musics you can search the site yourself at my AsobiGround :3 .. tons of dloads ... lol It's not like I'm trying to promote someone's site, it's just that I'm trying to avoid my blog from harmed , gettit? :D

K-ON! Ep. 9 「けいおん!」

~Irasshaimasen~The OP is quite weak cuz the song is still the same and yet, pity Azusa, she looks isolated in thar D:

Since the new member has been added into the Kei-on club , the moe-moe-kyun is increasing full-speed-ahead and a quite number of fans has also increased more [I just made up that statistic so don't take it srsly] . New fresh member, introducing Nanako Azusa, the guitar player, same as Yui :3


Oh God the power of the moe-cuteness has weakens me ... I'm speechless |D

uber cuteness tortures everyone till you drop

Azusa is gonna be my second favourite chara after Yui 'cuz of her moe-ness and that nekomimi lawl ... this is why I love cats so much rofl..Mio is ronery, tsk tsk tsk

Get serious goddammit! D:<

She's furious :D ...looks like she needs attention too |D ..poor Mio, where did her fan go? You all can't just dump Mio like that, lawl

well overall my comment is getting lesser... I downloaded, I watched, I gave comments.
What else you want to expect? Go watch 'em yourself if you wanna know it x3

I wondered if they have release the "My Love is a Stapler" song yet D: ..really need 'em

I've changed...[?]

That's what I heard...

After I realized there's a presence of a new personality which I've never owned before..I brood a lot and trying think about it all over and over again.. how it happened?when did I become this?why I've changed? somehow all this questions are abusing my thoughts..

The person in me I used to know starts to fade, which I don't want to lose it .. what I know is that I changed because of my friends, I love to study people's behaviour,in fact, it has became my everyday hobby..as a result, I became attracted by them, what is this I don't even? ..some sort of a plague?

I do have various personalities, I've experienced them all the time..I even feel like I have 2 souls living in me... but this one is different, it's too rare... the problem is why am I still questioning my thoughts and bringing this matter up? need an answer? "I-don't-know" .

I'm curious, and I'm trying to get back on tracks, and I want to decide whether to go back to my old self or stay as I am now.. my friends like the new me , from silent-secluded-cold person to a wild-rebellious-joker.. that's huge ... but me myself couldn't even stand it, I feel so pathetic and silly.. or it could be worse ,embracing the arrogant side..

This reminds me of a poem I studied, The Road not Taken ; the meanings are deep, but I understand that the poem is trying say that there's only one path we should take.. decide which is the best: The road where it's less traveled by? Or the crowded road?
..well for me, I choose neither.

Yeahyeah another Blog..

yo yo lol

Hey this is my third blog after my second up-fckedup-dropped-blog lolz jk..
sorry eichi for wasting your time making that layout D:
recently i have my mood back to blog so, lotsa shits will happen here,jk.. i mean, lotsa stuffs perhaps :3 ..

my blog title? rofl
Watashi no RedCurry, in other words mean My RedCurry..
i came that up first thing popped in my head :3 .. so it's random thing but I do thinking about eating curry that time, I haven't taste spices for awhile now cuz I get tummy aches alot cuz of taht lawl...but idk i love salt-spicy+hawt foods
Besides, chillis are better than tomatoes :3 ..tomatoes are great in soup though.. |D .. and i love red

soz I don't have much time to make new posts so, I'll leave it here, coming soon new posts either in FULL-english or malay, jap, you name it :3 ]..

anyways, THIS BLOG ARE OFFICIALLY OPENED. *cuts red ribbon*

p/s, pls Follow and don't take it seriously about anything I post here that might hurt anybody, will soon add the chatbox widget for spams :3 ..


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