I've changed...[?]

That's what I heard...

After I realized there's a presence of a new personality which I've never owned before..I brood a lot and trying think about it all over and over again.. how it happened?when did I become this?why I've changed? somehow all this questions are abusing my thoughts..

The person in me I used to know starts to fade, which I don't want to lose it .. what I know is that I changed because of my friends, I love to study people's behaviour,in fact, it has became my everyday hobby..as a result, I became attracted by them, what is this I don't even? ..some sort of a plague?

I do have various personalities, I've experienced them all the time..I even feel like I have 2 souls living in me... but this one is different, it's too rare... the problem is why am I still questioning my thoughts and bringing this matter up? need an answer? "I-don't-know" .

I'm curious, and I'm trying to get back on tracks, and I want to decide whether to go back to my old self or stay as I am now.. my friends like the new me , from silent-secluded-cold person to a wild-rebellious-joker.. that's huge ... but me myself couldn't even stand it, I feel so pathetic and silly.. or it could be worse ,embracing the arrogant side..

This reminds me of a poem I studied, The Road not Taken ; the meanings are deep, but I understand that the poem is trying say that there's only one path we should take.. decide which is the best: The road where it's less traveled by? Or the crowded road?
..well for me, I choose neither.


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