ChopChop 01

My new own self-design signature, just the the char I rip off somewhere else :3 .. and the rest I do it myself for an hour only . The jap hiragana character ; "Jibun no sekai" 「じぶんおせかい」, means "My own world" in english. And "both worlds" means, the different side of me with 2 different personalities.
Note: Rusty[blue] , Reddy[red]

The reason why I pick that bluegrey-haired guy because it's cute |D .. I love anime characters in that outfit ..looks cool <33>[to me la] design lawl.

Photoshop skill stats :
design skill +3
creativity +2
ideas +5
LEVEL UP over 9000+!!!

jk...|D coming soon Reddy version


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