Reddy's : ScratchSketch 01

Some random art I made last night based on my own imagination lulz
Since my dad bought the new printer 3 in 1 I boost up to draw stuff so I can scan some artworks and well, make it as a collection :3 ...I called it Qawaii Collection :3 ...
It'll look ugly if you look at the bigger size, I tried to use pen but I didn't want to mess it up since I'm bad at using pens... |D

see the Chibi char? lawl the left one in nekomimi [cat ears] is my mascot |D ... I've been working out to design a mascot for myself in chibi-mode or super-deform xD
I'll show it next time since I only get the ideas at night and my mood is stable during that time ... :3 ..

ato de ne!


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