K-ON! Ep. 9 「けいおん!」

~Irasshaimasen~The OP is quite weak cuz the song is still the same and yet, pity Azusa, she looks isolated in thar D:

Since the new member has been added into the Kei-on club , the moe-moe-kyun is increasing full-speed-ahead and a quite number of fans has also increased more [I just made up that statistic so don't take it srsly] . New fresh member, introducing Nanako Azusa, the guitar player, same as Yui :3


Oh God the power of the moe-cuteness has weakens me ... I'm speechless |D

uber cuteness tortures everyone till you drop

Azusa is gonna be my second favourite chara after Yui 'cuz of her moe-ness and that nekomimi lawl ... this is why I love cats so much rofl..Mio is ronery, tsk tsk tsk

Get serious goddammit! D:<

She's furious :D ...looks like she needs attention too |D ..poor Mio, where did her fan go? You all can't just dump Mio like that, lawl

well overall my comment is getting lesser... I downloaded, I watched, I gave comments.
What else you want to expect? Go watch 'em yourself if you wanna know it x3

I wondered if they have release the "My Love is a Stapler" song yet D: ..really need 'em


Sora December 21, 2012 at 6:30 PM  

azunyaan saikyou~ x3

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