Touhou eh


I'm trying to find out what's the fuss with this manga and it turned out to be a mahou-shoujo[magical girls] , fantasy, magic genre..and loli lol.. which I found it's hard to accept.. lulz
I see it just to observe the artwork, that's my job ..yep, it's um..cute *nods*

but worry not, I have read it, cuz of boredom... the result, it's getting more boring |D'ffense
perhaps my mood is not very pleasing things right now, reading manga on this early damp morning and late night sleep .... just because the breakfast this morning is very special [*cough*nasi beriani*cough*] and my bro's departure to KL at 9am .. |D ...comp's all mine for now banzai~

gotta read more manga to destroy time >D

p/s : no wonder..only lolicons are interested in this manga... double no'ffense xD



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