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It was a cold, dark dawn, I felt so cold like as if it was going to burn my spines and chew my flesh. Cold feet cramped as it was like stepping on a thousand hot needles. As I was still lying on the bed, forgotten to switch off the air-conditioner that late night until, I took a glance at the cellphone clock showed it's half-past 6a.m. now. I started to wonder when did I switched off the lights, and how did I set the clock since I was fast-asleep with still light-opened that night when I just wanted to rest my eyes.

I couldn't recall anything that night. Perhaps the air-conditioner and the soothing air in my room was so comfortable that caused my body to function on it's own and also memory-loss.

This is why I have always thought that I have 2 souls living in me. And I even named our own nicks, Rusty and Reddy. Rusty means the dark-secluded-cold side of me, it only appears from time to time, I got this nick from an anime, and been using it for 5 years now. Meanwhile the main character in me, Reddy, the nickname wasn't my idea in the first place, the name was created when I was goofing around in a forum 3 years ago and me and few bunch of guys started to call each others by silly names, which was a very good moment that have made me almost forgotten that past.

However, this cold feeling is still haunting me and I don't know why everything became so difficult each day, I've been complaining about this in public but I can't help it since I don't have any else to do to let this all out. Even if I tried to say these it's not like someone is going to rescue me or something, but this is the only thing I can do to let it go.


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