Toradora PSP!?

It has been awhile now I haven't search for psp games after a long period that my bro took the psp with him to campus >.> ...
lol once I saw the title "Toradora PSP game" in FreePspGames site and I found it's cute >///> .. i-dont-know why~ it's in Jap though
but I had a bad feeling that this game needs a special requirements... psp crack is hard :'< ... well anyways I have to proceed with the gameplay , I only take a sneak peek at the screenshots and it seems like a very low-profile game |D ...i think, cuz I haven't try it yet...even if I try it I'll never get it D: ..

rip-off screenshots:
hey it's the baka-chihuaha :3

options options pick one option~

lawl bobble heads xD

well there's more screenshots in this website if you wanna see more of them..
there's a fighting scene in it, romance part..more importantly is the ecchi part for ero-fans >.>

anyways I have to try download it first, who knows if this one works I can download more games :D .. stuff is indeed illegal fun thing *psycho-laugh*


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