Yeahyeah another Blog..

yo yo lol

Hey this is my third blog after my second up-fckedup-dropped-blog lolz jk..
sorry eichi for wasting your time making that layout D:
recently i have my mood back to blog so, lotsa shits will happen here,jk.. i mean, lotsa stuffs perhaps :3 ..

my blog title? rofl
Watashi no RedCurry, in other words mean My RedCurry..
i came that up first thing popped in my head :3 .. so it's random thing but I do thinking about eating curry that time, I haven't taste spices for awhile now cuz I get tummy aches alot cuz of taht lawl...but idk i love salt-spicy+hawt foods
Besides, chillis are better than tomatoes :3 ..tomatoes are great in soup though.. |D .. and i love red

soz I don't have much time to make new posts so, I'll leave it here, coming soon new posts either in FULL-english or malay, jap, you name it :3 ]..

anyways, THIS BLOG ARE OFFICIALLY OPENED. *cuts red ribbon*

p/s, pls Follow and don't take it seriously about anything I post here that might hurt anybody, will soon add the chatbox widget for spams :3 ..



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