Damn KyoAni

ima hunt you down Haruhi, y'hear me?
I would love to write down my wish right now but if I do that, it would turned out to be a blasphemy thing to do.

well here's the new plague has fled, Haruhi's finally came back almost 2-3 years now she's gone missing, although I knew that a week ago after I found out that from a site, well..
it's not like I hated this anime, It has been my top 5 anime for this past 2 years, but the sudden appearance on a bad timing is...well sucked

the new anime from KyoAni was released like few months ago and everything turned out really well.. until ..The Interference of Suzumiya Haruhi [no offense mkay]
now that anime, referring to the K-on! anime, are pretty much bugged right now, it's a mess, I see they are too busy handling Haruhi, but come one, how many episodes are there in the new Haruhi? K-on! got 12 eps for god sake, can't they finish the anime first? D: ..

seems like more fans has moved out , and kinda sad someone actually said something like "Goodbye K-on!, Hello Haruhi!" ..oh f.ck you D:

everything is such a mess D: .. now the newest episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoshitsu [The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi] has been released, the eng-sub probably will be out tomorrow..

wait a min..are K-on! and Haruhi aired at the same day ? o.o


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