O hai, I bored, I came, I roll.

I'm finally back to start blogging again after half-year break due to unavoidable circumstances..
blarhh~ so much trouble, so much pain I haz endured! D: and finally I get to rest!
Well not exactly 'final' is a good term to end your life. YET! There's still more ahead in the future of course.


Well since I'm going to start blogging again,
English is not the only language I would use all the time 'cuz I still know and love my people,my nationality. Sometimes I have my foreign friends online, and things I wanna share to different people, to whole wide world? lol, well let's keep that aside.
Languages I will or might be using:



Rarely used,sometimes used to swear)

and others..

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not 100% good at certain languages, plus, my grammar still sucks D: so forgive me if I made such mistakes.

Rock and drool!!

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what can you see from an AB-blood type carrier? ;) I can swear, I even cry. I can hurt you, I can listen to ur mind and I will make u suffer. haha just kidding :)
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