Ah my bed..

It's pretty hard to wake up once you land on the bed, but in my case, I couldn't sleep when I land on my bed with my lappy on my lap. -___-"

just look at the time now, it's already 3 freaking in the morning.. just to renovate this blog, yeah something need to be said through wall-of-texts somehow, so blog is the place for me. kesian kat orang kat facebook tengok wallpost aku every 30 minutes lol...

well next sem i'll probably get some celcom berukband, so I can online 24/7 from later on xD
couldn't rely much on dorm wifi, it makes you shiet bricks waiting for it to connect.

oh well, i gotta call it a day. I wanna eat some kueh-mueh mom will make this noon :D ..
looking forward. Good night and good morning.


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