Good news comes WORST

Oh God, next semester i'm about to feel hell.

I was finally getting the feel of a new atmosphere regarding my acceptence to new dorm college I've always dreamed of. In order to know it better inside out, I checked out who's my soon-to-be-roommates through their FB profiles since I've already know their names in room lists.

Holy crap, judging by the outer appearance, that person ain't the kind of type that would get along with us (me and my other classmate friend). Been there done that, through their friends, by their writings. Even not-so-nice replies. heh..

I knew I'm gonna regret this later. And I thought I finally would be in a good state but damn hell on earth has already awaits for my arrival.

Well i supposed i have to keep my cool as long as no childish fights happening, be mature no matter how bad it may seems. May God stay with us. A barrier that'll surround us.

Listen this, soon-to-be-roommate:

Hurt me; I'm cool. Hurt my friend ; Feel my wrath.


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