Handphone, oh.. handphones #1

Like seriously freakin' oh-my-gawd.
I'm like searching and surverying and browsing for new handphones like crazy. I freakin' hate my old phones (no offense to my older sisters) cuz every phone I own they gave me are broken, I'm almost 20 and I still don't have my own handphone bought by my own money. (well in this case I might use my PTPTN money lol XD)

So shall we check out my previous h.phones?

( 1 )

So here's my very first phone I used when I was 11-12 something. classic nokia is classic.. goold old times. haha.

( 2 )

2nd h.phone is Nokia Xpress Music 3500 I used when I was 14 until 17,
i kept changing those freakin' batteries every twice a year and chargers are seriously stupid.
i even replaced new housing cuz the keypads and the red rubber cover is torned. i hated it.
I've wasted my money buying 2gb memory card just to listen mp3 songs. but end up stupid.
but I gave it to my lil sister, she gave up later on it anyways. haha
oh yeah, i love the camera tho :D

( 3 )

Ok this is my personal favourite given by my sis, iPhone 3G she said she hated touchscreen when she started using this so she gave it to me. hey i liked it cuz its a TOUCHSCREEN.

The problem is that this Iphone is made of CHINA. so yeah, pretty much a broken product.
no wonder my sis hated it, the screen keeps on appearing like a tv losing it signals then soon touchscreen is not so touchy anymore. UNLESS, i had to wait till its out of battery. then re-charge, voila! it's getty touchy again. I have been patient for a year enduring the problem,but in the end, the battery's broken.. oh to buy another battery might cost me bullocks !
LOL .. so rather than buy a new battery and fix it, i might as well just get a new one -.-

( 4 )

Last and current h.phone i'm using now, is a flipped phone Sony Ericsson Z610i

nothing's bad about the phone spec but what's the problem now is the backcover dah pecah/retak cuz I accidently dropped it like 10th times, slammed on the ground.
It pissed me off that they barely sell the housing around this place, they got it online shops but yeah sure if i have paypal i would've bought it a hundred years ago u__u
It was so funny that I had to put super glue paste so that the backcover and the battery stays at it is. but after another slam on te ground, the backcover finally shattered.. in.. pieces T__T
in the end i had to use rubber strap to not let the battery fall. but it pissed me off the most is when i was typing long texts it just shut off.. %^&*($%^

so that's it, i'm getting a new one. with my own money this time. -.-


Najmi May 5, 2011 at 8:41 AM  

guna duit pt bli docomo. awsm phone

Reddy May 5, 2011 at 8:56 AM  

oh w8 that's not the case, it's just that it's too EXPENSIVE lor.

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